January 19, 2020

Cafe Racer Heckumbau mit Sitzbankanpassung und Bezug erneuern // Yamaha XJ550 Cafe Racer

Hello and welcome to MOTORKRANK I am Michael and in this episode we take a look at how we can convert the tail of this yamaha 550 to café racer style Roughly there are two options either we cut the frame and put a frame loop as it is done the classic way or we […]

Cafe Racers

Cafe Racer (Yamaha XV 920 Virago by Moose MotoDesign )

Imagine someone so obsessed with perfection that after finishing a nice personalized bike, decided to change the color Say, from black to white But imagine also, that this change would require a new painting in the frame structure It sounds like waste It is not? So I have good news Fortunately, this is not true […]

Cafe Racers