January 26, 2020

Cafe Racer (Honda CB 750 by Thracian Custom Bikes)

I usually like to get the text in most videos, describing the reason that made me choose the bike But today, I can not do it Because I have at least 5 good reasons The first is a Honda CB 750 Secondly, almost 2 years have passed since I presented a project with this bike […]

Cafe Racers

Cafe Racer (Ducati 750 SS by UniK Edition Custom Motorcycles)

Ducati MH 900 Probably one of the most influential bikes that originated the revival of Cafe Racers Just to demonstrate just how incredible this machine was 19 years ago, the first 1000 units were sold in just 31 minutes And even today, this machine is still quite desirable The problem is that only 2000 units […]

Cafe Racers

Cafe Racer (Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor by Zeus Custom )

Unlike the usual, today I'll start with the middle part of the script After all, you probably already know the machine I'm going to talk about, as well as today's Project Builder It is obvious that this is a work of Mooyong Zeus, from "Zeus Custom" in Thailand We all know that most "Zeus Custom" […]

Cafe Racers