January 26, 2020

Cafe Racer (Choose the Top 10 Best Motorcycles of 2018)

And here she is The election of the best machines of 2018 At this point, you are seeing the 10 best bikes of the previous year What beautiful machines, no doubt But the question today is, how beautiful will be the bikes of this Year And this is your task Because, as usual, the decision […]

Cafe Racers

Cafe Racer (2018 Top 10 Best Cafe Racers)

There are usually 3 different paths that lead the Human Being to build things For its functionality, it is used to create practical and soulless things Profit, by which most people will be persuaded to buy something, that you do not really need And the path of passion This is when something is done for […]

Cafe Racers

Cafe Racer (2018 Top 20 Best Cafe Racers)

A Top 10 can always sound good But a Top 20, sounds even better It is not a question of quantity But only a way to pay homage to a larger group of extraordinary builders This is also the right time to clarify the election results After all, you deserve to know the truth, about […]

Cafe Racers