January 26, 2020

If I had to classify something as the victim of its own success, this bike should definitely be in that class Suzuki GSF N 1200

Better known as: "Bandit" Is this the ideal machine for a Cafe Racer project? No, not at all But I found one, with a very clever and interesting approach It may not be the best "Racer" in the world, but it's one of the best custom "Bandits" I've encountered so far Welcome, to Racer TV

If you're thinking, "That looks good on me" I'll have to say, "I agree" But I also think it seems better than most I am obviously referring to most other Bandit-based projects Although not my type of machine, I have to recognize that this transformation is very well thought out

Because there are several important changes that are so subtle that you will only notice them after I reveal them And these are the kind of features I like to see in a Cafe Racer project Contrary to what you're expecting, this is not exactly the job of a professional builder This is the end result thought by someone like most of Us Eduardo Luft, Brazilian, and in love with motorcycles since childhood, and Cafe Racers enthusiast

And this is what makes this project even more interesting As I was saying, Eduardo is not a professional builder But as I usually suggest, he did what he knew, and left professional work to the professionals This was one of your guidelines before starting the project He found the right mechanic of "Araújo Motos", which calibrated the carburetors for these new K & N air filters

And Vilmar, the perfect Ruler, and who is also the painter Eduardo acknowledges that he felt insecure the day Vilmar asked: "Are you sure you want to cut the picture? Remember there's no turning back after that" I know it takes courage to do this kind of thing But when someone like Eduardo knows what he's doing, it's always worth the risk After cutting the sub-frame, they commissioned a new custom structure, to make the rear look lighter and cleaner

But its size was not calculated by accident One of the hardest things in a good Cafe Racer project is to get a good, proportionate seat, including also the back cover (Rabeta) And to make it work, Eduardo found that the Ducati 796 seat had the right dimensions This was the starting point to create the new sub-structure of the rear Although the gas tank may seem almost unchanged, the reality is quite different

Do you remember when you said that this project had several subtle changes? This gasoline tank is undoubtedly the greatest source of subtlety As you can see, the frontal concavities were completely removed, creating a much more smooth and pleasant format But this was not good enough for Eduardo's eyes He asked Vilmar to make it more rounded on the top surface of the tank And that's what he did

It's a very discrete change But when we see it shining in the sun, it makes the difference And there's more To hide all electrical installation and battery, the bottom of the fuel tank had to be cut off Another subtle change is the rear brake callipers (brake)

Eduardo decided to change it to achieve a lighter and cleaner appearance on the rear wheel Returning to the Ducati seat, this may not be a whole new approach to this type of project But Eduardo made all the necessary changes to make it perfect in this Suzuki In fact, the seat with this rear cover, looks so good on this bike, which is almost like it came directly from the factory Eduardo told me that he did not want to create a bike just to walk, but a machine that could create in the motorcyclist, a true experience of life

And with a pair of wheels so light and powerful, I think he probably got it As I said earlier, this is not my kind of draft Cafe Racer Maybe it's very aggressive, and with too many cylinders for my personal taste But in the end, I really admire all the subtlety and the intelligent decisions of your Creator And based on this perspective, I think Eduardo did a great job

Thank you, to watch Racer TV And as always, I hope to see you next week

Source: Youtube

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