January 26, 2020

When it comes to custom bikes, it is always a pleasure to know that it is something worldwide It does not matter if you are rich or poor

Or if your country is highly developed or underdeveloped Because wherever you live, there is always a way to do it In other words, there is always someone who finds a way to cross an obstacle And in today's episode, you will see as an obstacle, can be transformed into a wonderful solution Welcome, to Racer TV

It looks great It is not? You might even say, that she is not anything special Maybe it's too simple for most But I have a good reason to show this project And here she is

Honda XR 250 Tornado The type of bike is not very recommendable for any custom project Everything seems wrong The wheels are very large The suspension is too high

And the stance that is far removed from the retro / classic look we like Not really Not really Believe it or not, this Honda is the "donor" bike for this project When I saw her for the first time, I could not believe that this machine is based on the Honda Tornado

The transformation is simply amazing This is almost like creating a diamond, from a charcoal stone Who could have imagined that it would be possible to reach this point, from a motorcycle on the whole terrain (Track) It seems like 2 industrial designers decided to give it a try during their free time This is the work of Antonio Lupia├▒ez and Salvador Alasino, founders of "Vida Bandida Motorcycles", located in Argentina

They did a great job with this machine It looks like an old modified classic bike Just not a real coffee racer, due to the typically "Brat" seat But still, it seems like a great custom machine And so, let's see how they got it

The most complex task was the construction of a new sub frame, in order to receive a new pair of shock absorbers (shocks), eliminating the modern monoshock suspension The front sheaths had to be cut at 17 cm After this change, it was finally possible to see the potential of the project The hubs / axles of the wheels are still the factory originals, as well as the brakes But the 2 rims, are now 16 inches

The choice of "Shinko Super Classic 270" tires is like the icing on the cake I know the 2 rear shock absorbers and the fuel tank came from a Harley Davidson Sportster But I do not have the same certainty about the headlight There are also several other pieces that are purposefully made And that leads us to a pertinent question

Because? Why did Antonio and Salvador decide to build this project, using a bike as difficult as the Honda XR 250 Tornado? Simple When someone lives in a country where import and tax costs are so high, people have to be creative, and make things happen with what is available Fortunately, in some countries like Argentina or Brazil, the Honda Tornado is a very common bike For this reason, I see this customized bike as a good example of a custom design It may not be the most beautiful custom bike in the world, but it is undoubtedly one of those that makes him proud to have her inside the garage

Thank you for watching Racer TV And as always, I hope to see you next week

Source: Youtube

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