January 26, 2020

I usually like to get the text in most videos, describing the reason that made me choose the bike But today, I can not do it

Because I have at least 5 good reasons The first is a Honda CB 750 Secondly, almost 2 years have passed since I presented a project with this bike Thirdly, the technical capabilities of this builder are very impressive The fourth reason, the project is beautiful

And the fifth reason, this is the first project of this Builder Seems like a risky choice, right? Well, not exactly But you will understand me when I see the next pictures Welcome, to Racer TV Do you see now what I meant? For a first draft, I can only say: impressive

Very simple Very clean It's a very mature project When I say "mature", I mean it looks like it was made by someone with a lot of experience In a way, it's true

Because the team that built this machine, had experience in manufacturing and management long before this project This machine was baptized as "Primo" The first project of Miroslav Vulkov and Plamen Nikolov, under the name of "Thracian Custom Bikes", located in Bulgaria Everything was constructed in a way that Miro and Plamen can not even think: "There was a better way to do this" Remember when I said in the introduction, that the technical skills of this builder are very impressive? But when we look at this bike, it seems like a simple transformation Right? So here's the interesting stuff

They made their own blinkers for the "clip-ons" The set of footrests The tables (triple clamp) were also designed and manufactured "at home" All exhaust (exhaust) was constructed from scratch in stainless steel Yes, the video you are seeing at the moment, is not exactly about the leaks

That's better than that Strangely enough, they built their own pipe folding machine, with which they made this exhaust system (exhaust) And even the front brake fluid reservoir (brake) is manufactured by them Personally, I do not remember any other builder, who has manufactured pieces like the latter As I said, "stuff" is very interesting

But let's now talk about the lines of this project When we see the transition, the main thought that comes to mind is its simplicity The changes seem so simple Essentially, we see a lot of pieces that have been removed, instead of an extensive list of changes But do not be fooled by appearances

Although this bike is 25 kg lighter, there are some changes that are difficult to detect Especially in the swing arm Because it is a little longer, just to increase the tilt of the rear shock absorbers (shocks) The whole electrical installation was redone Includes a "M-Unit" of the "Motogadget" with Bluetooth connection, and that allows to connect the engine through a smartphone

The first time I saw her, I did not really like this seat I missed the back cover typically Cafe Racer But a few days later, I began to like it Because it's original, and until it looks good Anyway, and to my surprise, I was happy to know that Miroslav and Plamen will sell this machine with an optional second seat

Another very interesting detail is the painting of the gas tank, with this holographic effect on the multiple "Honda" inscriptions A very understated detail, but very interesting when done with taste According to Plamen Nikolov, Miroslav is the driving force behind the project Basically, he can do everything with his hands And there seems to be no doubt about it

Because during this construction, there was not a single bolt or nut left to touch There are some projects in which we can easily identify the passion of its builders And this Honda, without doubt one of these projects Thank you, to watch Racer TV And as always, I hope to see you next week

Source: Youtube

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