January 26, 2020

Hello and welcome to MOTORKRANK I am Michael and in this episode we take a look at how we can convert the tail of this yamaha 550 to café racer style Roughly there are two options either we cut the frame and put a frame loop as it is done the classic way or we try to do it without cutting the original frame to get in the direction that it looks good and would be also much less work I'm not sure yet which of these two possibilities the is better I'll take a look first at how we could do it without cutting the frame and if that is not okay then i think I will probably shorten the frame and weld in the frame loop Unfortunately in the latter case we have to get the clearance of the german tüv organisation

It gets a bit complicated as I do live here personally in the state Hessen and here it's all a bit more complicated all official approvals are to be confirmed by the authorities in marburg So the paperwork is to be approved in Marburg But there are no official reports by Yamaha that this conversion is save We would have to go to tüv in another state where they do not have the procedure of an official confirmation from other authorities Ok, let's take a look at the standard tail of the xj 550 This handle for the passenger of course must be removed in this conversion

Classically, then here is one strap on the seat from below The tail cover, license plate holder and lighting needs to be removed and then we look at the frame underneath So that was pretty fast, what do you normally do now? about here at this point is the frame normally completely shortened Saw off here once and instead a frame loop is inserted OK, usually such a loop is inserted here This one is already the right size and material this bow is then welded on the cut off frame put the frame in this sleeve and drill a hole at the up and downside of the frame pieces The sleeve is then tag welded in the frame and also in the loop also at top and bottom and then you weld a clean seam all around Thats it 😉 If you need a licence Plate and Lightning, you have to weld a piece on to attach this stuff So that we will get the license plate holder and the lighting mounted OK, this was the variant frame loop insert and secondly the variant I have Recently seen on a conversion We continue to use the standard frame and try to customize the seat we have customize it along with a new license plate holder to hide the original frame overhangs I want to test this variant now and i bought a used old seat that i already stripped the nasty set cover off And yes we see actually the form of the original seat fits very well

Of course that is the original seat And i also needed to keep the comfort of the folding mechanism to reach the fuses and down here the secret drawer for the vehicle license So I planned to use the original seat So it would be the second option the legal possibility or at least with less effort to get approvals by tüv because we do not change the frame Testfitting with the cushion

This line here we will use to customize the cushion That means everything up here has to go and if I look down now there is no plastic material here it is even another two centimeters cushioning material possible means we don´t have to remove this part here Maybe it is a bit tougher to sit in the back not so important for us as we are sitting here in the comfortable front area 😉 pretty fast the short Ducktail is cut off Now the cushion We see here on the sides have to do some fine grinding and also in the back area we will fit another piece I think first of all I have to think again how the lighting or the new license plate holder is mounted

Let's take a closer look at it The Ducktail is gone you can see the line already It does not really have to be dead flat Some ergonomic shape is ok Right here in the front area where all the café racer with custom seats lack the fitment to the tank everything fits and this is one another huge advantage this conversion using the original bench here offers It looks great in the same way here in the back area where the frame is hidden The original simply fits the design Our license plate holder and i just realised something that would be a nice fit exactly here Now extend the seat here back that it ends up around here So the license plate holder we have can even directly bolted here to the frame with the blinkers our frame is obscured and one beautiful graduation I quickly cut piece of cardboard to mock the new back of the seat Here's how it looks like I mean, that looks pretty good here At the side, the seat becomes something narrower and gets this beautiful round ending

the back seat piece i already made and also this part here once drilled and bent will be riveted together the whole thing is now marked and then riveted on to the existing seat and then I will adapt the sides here to get a beautiful transition a lot easier than i thought and it fits very well I have put on a rubber profile here to get an even better transition It is also a protection for the seat cover i do not think it will bend even if a passenger is on I'm excited about the design Now I will check how i can upholster this area so that was a huge mess I used this original leftover piece to make this patch a few small bumps are allowed Here is a transition it is not too wild and we will use this padding material help us compensate the unevenness here First, I'm going to spray glue it and fix it to the back then i glue the padding to the entire saddle and make it smooth over it comes our seat leather so finally it is time to testfit the newly upholstered seat pretty happy on how it turned out I almost finished the seat but we are still missing the inner fender or mudguard piece and here comes the plan we still have some leftover aluminium we can put it here perfectly then we can screw or rivet it on and we even can use it to mount the license plate holder on and it offers us at the same time the splash protection here OK, splash guard and license plate holder assembly has been successful looks damn cool and actually supports our seat as well from the inside There's nothing moving at all except the entire motorcycle Now you can have a seat with no worry at all let's look at the legal tail conversion in detail There is still our original frame

I think that looks pretty good on the At the bottom we have now the plate to reinforce the seat, mounted to the cross strut The license plate holder ia also mounted on this plate A big advantage is that we can continue using our standard seat Underneath we can see the plate we also see the converted seat in the rear area and yes we still reach the fusebox with no effort we still have the beautiful folding mechanism so everything relatively original without big losses the only thing missing is here the back of the fold in which one can hide the tools that's just not the case anymore Instead we have a beautiful tail Thats it for this episode! In the next Episode we will install new Shark X1 blinkers with integrated tail light and brake light the same then for the front turn signal with position lights And when you liked this video give me a thumbs up subscribe and share Also click on the channel for more videos Stay MOTORKRANK! See you in the next video

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