January 26, 2020

And here she is The election of the best machines of 2018

At this point, you are seeing the 10 best bikes of the previous year What beautiful machines, no doubt But the question today is, how beautiful will be the bikes of this Year And this is your task Because, as usual, the decision is entirely yours

Welcome, to Racer TV If you think the previous elections have been difficult, just wait until you see the machines this year But this time, I'll give you extra help The sound of the engines of most candidates And here they are

All you have to do is select only 10 bikes from these 20 machines But if you want, feel free to vote in more than 10 I tried to just choose Cafe Racers for this election, although I recognize that some are not exactly in that category There are only 2 ways to vote You can vote by clicking the links below in the video description

Or you can vote at the end of this video, where you'll find a link that will guide you to a playlist There you will find the list of videos with all 20 bikes After clicking on the video with your favorite bike, you need to click once on the Taste button (Like / johnha) This means that the election is based on the highest number of "Likes" (tanned) for each candidate A Purpose, You can vote only once on each bike

If you try to vote 2 times on the same machine, you will cancel your first vote And ready, if you already know what your favorite bikes are, please click on this link, which will guide you to a list of videos with all 20 candidates Thank you, to watch Racer TV And as always I hope to see you next week

But with the wish of a Happy New Year for everyone

Source: Youtube

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