January 26, 2020

The BMW R Nine T is one of the best "retro roadster" bikes on the market It has enough character, and is loaded with great potential for easy customization

But there is a problem It is an expensive choice for many of us This is probably one of the reasons why BMW decided to create a sort of economic version They called it "pure" If you like the simplicity of the bikes of the 70's and 80's, this model is probably one of the closest

The question is, will this help in a customization project? Or will it just complicate? And for the next few minutes, the answer to these questions will be right in front of you Welcome, to Racer TV The first time I saw this machine, I just thought of one thing It could not be simpler than that After so many other custom projects with the R Nine T, I never thought that just a few changes could make this machine so wonderful

You might even say, "I've seen better" And I understand that But what is interesting in this project is to find out how it is possible to reach this point, from this Especially knowing that only a few simple changes were made This could only be the job of someone with a very good eye

And here he is Eak K-Speed ​​Customs, Thailand I have already lost count of how many of your projects I have already presented on this channel For some reason, Eak K-Speed ​​always had a good eye to finding the perfect proportions And as far as this is concerned, I think this project is a good example

When I asked Eak to send me some photos of his project with "pure" he simply asked me: Which one? That's when I realized how many projects he has done with this bike Probably You did not realize, but the BMW in this photo presented a few seconds ago, is different And this is another proof that only demonstrates how good these lines are In fact, the format of this bank is so good, that he used it in several other projects But let's now talk about the "Pure" version of R nine T

When he said that it was a kind of "economic" version, I was obviously talking from the cost point of view The price of the "Pure" version is almost € 3,000 less than the normal model This means that BMW had to make several cuts to save some money At first glance, one can immediately identify the differences Especially on wheels, front suspension, and the lack of tachometer

And this raises the main question Do these differences affect a customization project? And the answer is in this beautiful project Personally, I do not see any disadvantage in using the "Pure" version of the R nine T in a cafe racer project Maybe the spoke wheels could make it better But even so, these alloy wheels are not that bad

On the other hand, after admiring her for some time, I made an interesting discovery This front suspension with the conventional bañhas, Really nice with these rubber bellows Very retro and classic Honestly, I think these conventional basins look even better than an inverted suspension There is not much information on this project But I also do not think we need it

Because the changes are so simple, we can easily identify them If I had to reveal the key word on this machine, it would be: "Effectiveness" Eak made only the essential changes, but in a very effective way Everything seems to be in the right position There may even be 1 "ton" of surprising and impressive transformations in the world

with R nine T But this is one of those projects that impresses me, for its simplicity Thank you, to watch Racer TV And as always, I hope to see you next week

Source: Youtube

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