January 26, 2020

More than a year ago, I had the pleasure of presenting an incredible project based on a very difficult bike To this day, I still think it is one of the most remarkable transformations with a BMW K Series

In fact, I still see this machine as a milestone among all the other projects based on the K100 As you probably already know, today we'll see one more of these Yes it is When I say "one more of these," I mean another impressive construction The question is: What can be done with a K100, to impress us even more? And the right answer is: Something never done until today

Welcome, to Racer TV And then, probably You're still thinking, what's new in this machine I tried to be discreet during this introduction But I'm sure some of you have already gotten there However, let's hear it one more time

If you know the typical sound of a K-Series engine, you will notice that it is different Almost like something electric It is not? This is probably the world's first Bmw K100 with an automatic transmission In other words, it has a continuously variable transmission (CVT) Yes, I know this eliminates one of the most enjoyable features on a bike

But the builder had a good reason to do so The automatic transmission was one of the special requests in the customer's order Because he has some physical limitations in moving his left foot And this my friends, is the kind of request that only a high level builder could meet In fact, this was a transformation so difficult, that the main team had to call the Master

The Man who taught them everything about transforming cars and motorcycles This is José Lourenço, the father of Gustavo and Rodrigo Lourenço, the owners of "Retrorides By Lourenço", in Brazil I am absolutely sure that you still remember them in this amazing project Especially because of this ingenious rear suspension, about which I think is still one of the most beautiful Mono damper suspensions (mono-shock) made to this day And if you want to know if the Lourenço Brothers sell this rear suspension as a ready-to-install kit, unfortunately the answer is: No

But the good news is that if you're interested, they are available to sell the project developed in "Solidworks", allowing to replicate this suspension in a CNC milling machine But let's now talk about the lines of this K100 When they started the project, the intention was to create something different from the blue Bmw, but keeping the DNA of the "Retrorides" They were looking for something clean (clean) and simple And I think they really did

Especially with this seat The solution of integrating the blinkers (turn signals) and the small bursts on the seat, is bright Vents are designed to catch some fresh air for part of the electronic components The overall look of the seat resembles something minimalist and avant-garde But it sounds really good to me

Although this time they have decided to keep the original Bmw wheels, I have to say it was a good decision Contrary to what I expected, these alloy wheels feature a certain muscled air, which was not the case with the wheels struck in the first project This can also be explained with high profile tires I'm not a big fan of this color But I also can not say it's ugly

In any case, it is shown that a light tone color, does more justice to the K-series gasoline lines And on this point, I think it was a good choice for the project Just like the headlight, with this "angel ring" in LED light With regard to the proportions, you might even think that the length of the seat should be a little longer But I checked it with the formula of "Divine Proportion," and the size is perfect

Returning to the "highlight" of the project, I do not remember anyone ever trying an automatic gearbox on a BMW And so, this is not a big challenge It is huge Because the K100's original gearbox (gearbox) has 2 characteristics that make any change in a nightmare The first is that it is part of the structure that gives rigidity to the picture

And the second, is where the axis of the swingarm (Balance) is fixed For all that, the only solution was to build from scratch a completely new gearbox And why did they choose a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)? Because the CVT system is simpler than all other ATMs This meant that it was the only one that did not compromise the size of the gearbox (gearbox), allowing you to keep the project lines Unfortunately, I do not have enough technical vocabulary in English, to explain how a continuously variable transmission works

But basically, it has 2 conical pulleys, whose diameter is automatically adjustable with increased engine speed This may sound easy But there are many calculations to be made, and complex engineering work to make everything work properly And this is what the Lourenço team got back to grips According to Gustavo, this new customized transmission, continues to allow the engine to reach the original maximum speed of this motorcycle

Which means all calculations are perfect The only small inconvenience, and almost undetectable, is the structural length of the new transmission, which is 15 mm longer I bet you would not even notice it if I had not talked about it I must add that there are many things I did not say about this amazing Bmw However, I think I said enough, to reveal just how impressive the technical skills of these Men are

But here is a summary of what they did They chose a very difficult bike for any project of a beautiful coffee racer, developed and built a new mono-damper rear suspension, and a new, functional, and compact automatic gearbox And even after they have done all this, they have still reached an original, amazing, and magnificent machine Thank you, to watch Racer TV And as always, I hope to see you next week

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