January 26, 2020

There are usually 3 different paths that lead the Human Being to build things For its functionality, it is used to create practical and soulless things

Profit, by which most people will be persuaded to buy something, that you do not really need And the path of passion This is when something is done for no particular reason, and yet, reason makes you see that it's something special If you are watching this video, this probably means you are looking for bikes built with passion And that's all you'll find here

But I'm sure you already knew that Welcome, to Racer TV And then, let's start with a bike that could come from the future This is the legalized version for road, created from an audacious and futuristic concept A really impressive transformation

In fact, we could not expect anything else from this builder After all, it is rare not to find your projects among all the Top 10 of the last 5 years On this machine, it's not just the format that impresses Because its 3-cylinder engine creates an equally impressive sound It would be a sin if this bike were left out of this Top 10

I never thought I'd need to wait that long, to see a Moto Guzzi V7 transformed in this Top 10 And if this has finally happened, it means only one thing She has to be very special And it really is Unlike most, this V7 has inverted baffles (forks), and a monoshock rear suspension

It may not be something new But technically, I do not remember seeing any other Guzzi V7, with a mono shock absorber (rear shock) mounted in this position Talent and good taste, are some of the ingredients that we can find in this Honda It's the kind of project we like right away And if the builder took the trouble to add these customized thermal tire covers, imagine the level of attention on everything else

If it looks better than most Honda CX based projects, it really is And so it seems that most of those who voted think the same Here is a beautiful BMW built by a guitarist You may not have the right tires, or a handlebars typical of Racers coffee But I think this incredible back made of wood, makes us forgive those choices

It even has a hidden electronic key device An amazing LED front light in a vertical range, just to match the rear light It is definitely an unforgettable project, which will be an excellent reference for many of us And he did it again When we think that no Honda CG could get better, this project stretches the limits even more

Like last year's election, the man who built this beautiful machine, got a place of honor in this Top 10 Achieving this Ranking 2 times with the same model of motorcycle, is already impressive But knowing that this is not a job of a professional builder, it is simply amazing All of it was built without doing any cutting or drilling in the original Honda An amazing little bike, which really deserves great respect

If you are a fan of the Honda CX, I bet you have this project in your favorites list And why am I so sure of that? Because among all the other projects based on this Honda model, this is one of the best ever built I do not remember seeing the old classic style so well integrated It looks really good And I'm glad that the majority of those who voted agreed with me

Why does this project look so attractive? And my answer is: Because of everything What a beautiful Bmw Regardless of the angle we see it, it always looks just fine The type of feature that enhances the beauty level of any machine I recognize that it's not exactly a coffee racer

But even so, she was pretty enough to get a good share of the vote during the election And now the project you are apparently saying, the beauty and elegance are so easy But we know it is not so Because when we see this transition, I can only say: Impressive So raw / simple, but so pure

The kind of simplicity that requires a lot of time, refinement, and intelligence I was absolutely sure that this project was a serious candidate for the Top 10 He did not win, but he came very close, with a respectable third place Contemplate The machine with something never done before

As in last year's election, this builder created yet another custom Bmw But this time, they wanted something even more impressive And that's precisely what they did This is probably the first Bmw K100 in the world, with a custom automatic transmission In other words, it has a continuously variable transmission (CVT)

That's why it has such a distinctive sound The outline shows us a very attractive posture, compared to most other K100 projects Technically, this may just be the most impressive build of this Top 10 A magnificent machine that stretches the limits of the K100 to a new and different level And now we come to the most awaited moment

The Best Coffee Racer of 2018 For the third time in the elections of this channel, a Honda CX won the first place To be honest, I'm not completely surprised Since October of last year, I thought this could happen Because the main video with the presentation of this Honda, was the most successful I have ever done

Nearly 250,000 views in just 2 weeks And the overwhelming majority of the reviews, it was simply amazing Some even said that this was the most beautiful bike ever seen Not to mention also the wonderful sound of this machine If I had to describe the success of this Honda, I would say: It has everything

It is versatile, powerful enough, beautiful, with a perfect blend of classic and modern Comfortable enough, reliable, and the engine sound is simply amazing If someone told me a few years ago that this was going to happen with my own cafe racer, I would not believe it In my name, and in the name of Leonel, thank you very much for the privilege of seeing our "Frankenstein" as the winner of this election We could not be happier

With the exception of the second day of this election, this Honda has always been the most voted motorcycle But I will explain everything in a future video about the number of votes of each candidate But I can say that the votes among these 3 best bikes have always been very disputed Which is perfectly understandable, and even predictable But I think most people see this Honda as a very desirable Café Racer, but at the same time relatively achievable

It could be just a Honda at age 35 But most voters saw it as a very special one, between 20 special machines Thank you, to watch Racer TV And as always, I hope to see you next week

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