January 26, 2020

Are you an Industrial Designer? Do you have any experience in a project with a cafe racer? Not? Good This means you have a good chance of making a mess (mess) in a cafe racer project

But do not worry Because now you're in the right place Some time ago, I was in exactly the same situation that most of you could be today And that leads us to a good question How was it possible for me to project these lines starting with this bike? Aesthetically, it really looks like a professional job

The problem is, I'm not exactly a pro, and I'm not a genius either And that's what I'll explain for the next few minutes Welcome, to Racer TV If you do not know anything about this Honda CX, just click here But if you have already seen it, I know you want some more of it: Yes, it still sounds like a V8 engine

I never get tired of hearing it Going back to the subject, all I will say from now on, is from the perspective of aesthetics And so, here's my first tip Draw a picture of the project You can even start by drawing it on paper

But for most people, I think using Photoshop is probably the best tool for getting the best result As you see now, I also started my project with just a little basic knowledge But after using it for a while, it becomes easy to improve our skills, mainly because there are many tutorial videos on youtube, to teach the most important tools As you can see, I made a lot of mistakes during the first renderings The proportions are wrong

The general posture seems strange And the combination of colors and materials does not work the best way But all of this is part of the design process Attempt and error is always an excellent method when we have no experience in what we are doing And that's why a drawing in Photoshop is so important in any project

And here is the second tip Avoid quick decisions Never make a decision in a hurry Think of all the possibilities for each individual choice, and try to see how it fits into the project Also try to avoid the obvious choices

To give an example, I initially chose fists in Brown (brown), just to match the color of the seat But when I saw the handlebar (handlebars) with almost everything set, I found that the cuffs in black would be much better because of these dark details The third tip is: Think Globally Each individual choice should have a goal in its entirety What I mean is that every choice must have an intent in the overall look of the project

For example, when you find a beautiful headlight, it does not mean that it will "fit" perfectly on the bike As I said in the first tip, Photoshop is an excellent tool to verify this Another example is the custom side covers on my Honda This option was also very good But considering that I wanted the bike to look as retro / classic as possible, I decided that this side cover made more sense

Because it is something that could exist in the 60s And therefore, the perfect choice, for the overall purpose of the project This is what "Think Globally" means And here is the most difficult tip for anyone to accept Be prepared to fail

Do not be afraid to start all over from scratch, or make radical changes to what would already be well designed Every time you fail during the project, it just means you have found a "path" that does not work This is especially true when dealing with difficult bikes like the Honda CX When I started the construction process with my Mechanic, we soon discovered that increasing the height of the fuel tank, it was not going to work out as I had originally thought I was very disappointed that day

But when I found the solution, I was very happy for the initial failure Because the fuel tank got much better than the one originally designed Would I have come to these lines if I had not failed previously? I'm sure not That's why someone said one day, "Failure is a road to success" Believe me

This is so true But if failure is so easy to recognize, how do we know when we reach the right choices? This brings us to the last and most important tip of all Look for an honest opinion I know 3 ways to do it If you believe you already have a good project, try to show it to some friends, but without telling them that you projected it

If most people say that the seat is horrible or looks strange, it's probably true This is the time when you should reevaluate some choices in the project Another method to know if you are heading in the right direction is to be honest with yourself Do not let your ego or pride interfere Try to see your design in an honest and realistic manner

For example, this renders until it does not look too bad But when we erase the excellent background image, the real lines of the bike show us a different story This is how we begin to be honest with our work, and we avoid that the superficial dazzle of the drawings falsify the true beauty that we seek And finally, the last and most important way Let the time factor be your best adviser in the final choices

What separates an amateur from a professional, is that the professional always reaches the right form much more quickly And for that, you will need a lot of time for each decision This means that every time you make a change to your project, try to see this change a few days later This was my main method to make sure I was headed in the right direction For example, I remember thinking this render was perfect when I finished it

After waiting several days, I finally managed to see that it was not as perfect as I thought it would be I can not say how many times this happened to me during this project But I can guarantee it happened many times So, will these 5 tips be my only secret in this project? No way These tips are just the most recent lessons I've learned in the last two years

If you want to know more tips that I used during this project, try to see some of my older videos on this subject I left several links below in the video description I can guarantee that most of the things I've tried to teach on this channel for the past 5 years, are entirely true, and work flawlessly when everything is done correctly Thanks for watching Racer TV And as always, I hope to see you next week

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